Mares Excite Fins

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The new Mares Excite Fins incorporate new innovative materials to help create a more harmonious thrust, which allows the fin to do more of the work for you. The enhanced channel thrust gets you more boost from each kick and optimizing for less fatigue making the Mares Excite Fins a more efficient fin for all divers whether you are a pro or just a beginner. The new Mares Excite Fins now have a matching color coordinated bungee strap, making it more stylish and stand out from the rest of the fins you see on your dive boat.

Mares Excite Fins Speacial Features:
Innovative materials for a more harmonious thrust
Enhanced channel thrust
Optimized for low fatigue
Color coordinated bungee strap

Mares Excite Fins Technical Specifications:
Blade Length 40cm / 15.7" (Size Regular)
Weight 0.9kg / 2lb
Blade Thrust Area 800cm² / 124in²

Mares Excite Fins Available Colors:
Grey (Pro)

Mares Excite Fins Available Sizes: