Vision Xs For GoPro Hero 9/10/11 Including GoPro Media Mod (Special Edition)

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Hugyfot Vision Xs for Hero 9/10

We are very exited to announce that the Hugyfot Vision Xs housing for the most powerful, feature-filled GoPro camera ever; the Hero 9 is completely compatible with the GoPro Hero 10.

When traveling to remote areas to capture exceptional images, leave nothing to chance what concerns your equipment. Using reliable gear is particularly important when shooting underwater photos and videos. Hugyfot products are renowned for their ergonomic, functional and innovative designs. The durable housings are CNC machined out of solid blocks of marine grade aluminum.

Since the production of Hugyfot housings moved to Belgium in 2003 we have been hard anodizing all aluminum parts. We feel it is time now to move to one of the most performing thin film coatings available today. Cerakote is a ceramic polymer based thin film coating that offers industry leading durability, hardness, flexibility, UV stability together with excellent scratch-, corrosion-, heat- and chemical resistance. The finish is stunning and a pleasure to the eye and touch.

Our newest 2021 Hugyfot products will be offered in following Cerakote Elite and H Series Oven cured colors: Graphite black, Titanium, Blue Titanium and Pink Champagne. 

Aside these colors we also release once ans a while special editions!

The camera tray inside the housing is 3D printed using the latest resin printing technologies. All parts are hand fitted and assembled. Each housing is carefully inspected and pressure tested to ensure reliable and flawless operation before leaving production.

This housing is small, light and easy to handle, the ideal travel compagnon to record your diving adventures. Depth rating is 150m.

When using the housing on depths of 100m and more please inform your store of purchase.

The HDMI monitor used in the Hugyfot Vison Xs housing has a bright IPS display of 1920x1080pixels that offers stunning colors in a 160° viewing angle (in all directions). The incorporated Feelworld F5 monitor offers professional features like Peaking Focus Assist, Histogram, Zebra exposure, Zoom, … amongst many other. Two supplied batteries; one monitor battery and one USB battery pack to power the GoPro camera offer approximately 3 hours of battery life to the housing. 

The Hugyfot Vision Xs for Hero 9/10 comes standard with the HugyCheck Xs pre-dive vacuum check system for maximum protection of your equipment. Also the Red Filter and Protection kit is standard included for your convieniece. 

The GoPro Hero 9/10 camera needs the GoPro Media Mod for Hero 9/10 accessory to obtain HDMI output. This accessory is therefore necessary to operate the monitor and can be purchased together with the housing.

The Media Mod for Hero 9/10 is exclusive for the Hero 9/10, the GoPro Hero 8 has a different Media Mod.





  • Macro lens with adaptor.
  • Variable red filter with adaptor.
  • Hugyfot Floating arms
  • Hugyfot Arius videolights set.
  • Hugyfot Photobag