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Rochester Widebands are medical quality external male catheters that can be used with a wide range of p-valve system, secure fit is ensure with a wide band of adhesive.

Rochester Wideband P-Valve Catheters


Rochester Widebands are the most secure and reliable urinary catheter we have tried and as such are selling them for you here. Unlike other brands of catheter Rochester Widebands feature a much larger adhesive area which starts closer to the tip, reducing urine migration that might cause the catheter to pop-off. Widebands are made from a soft and breathable silicone which is comfortable to wear for long periods if you prefer to apply the catheter in the home for example, the long outlet tubing securely attaches directly to your chosen p-valve or a quick disconnect.

Available in four sizes: 25mm, 29mm, 32mm and 35mm