Flare Handheld 2.6 w/charger

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Halcyon is once more excited to announce their latest product from our light development Team: the Flare Handheld!

While the new Flare Handheld shares many of the features of our Flare and Focues lights such as machined aluminum head, and rugged construction, the new light has one significant difference: It is cordless!

New lithium ion battery technology has let us create a handheld LED light that is only 635g/1.4lbs and 19.7cm/ 7 3/4" long and yet still maintains a 2.5 hour burn time.

The charger is ultra-compact and makes for easy packing for traveling divers and charge time is only 2.5 hours.

The new Flare Handheld provides - Lux ratings on max power
Distance from light 1 meter 3 meters 5 meters
Flare 11,500 1,700 650