Flexitary II With Left Handle (with 2pcs 1/4'' screws)

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Nauticam Flexitray II with Left Handle 

The Nauticam Flexitray II is a very versatile and easy to use camera tray. Flexitray II W adds two 1/4-20 threaded tripod mounting holes to the popular Flexitray II.  The Flexitray II W does not have the anti-rotation feature of the Flexitray II.  For compact and point-and-shoot housings that have only one tripod mounting screw, please use the Flexitray II.

Comparing Flexitray II (top) with Flexitray II W (bottom) Note the tripod mounting holes in the middle of the Flexitray II W.

The left handle of the Flexitray II is adjustable for width (length of tray).   If additional length is desired, you may add optional Nauticam 20mm extension or Nauticam 30mm extension to this tray.

The handle is also adjustable front and back.  This adjustment means the ability to adjust your Flexitray II for much more comfort and camera control than ordinary camera trays.

The bottom side of the tray is designed to lay flat. On the top side of the tray is a rubber insert which can reduce the possibility of scratching your housing and, more importantly, increase friction between the camera housing and the tray for improved stability.

The Flexitray II is supplied with 1/4 – 20 thumbscrews which fit most tripod mount threads. 

Thumbscrews in thread #12-24 (Ikelite housings) and 6mm thumbscrews are available.

Optional T-groove plates and 1 inch ball adapters are custom designed to fit these handles.

An adjustable right side handle is available that quickly mounts to this tray.  With the optional Nauticam right-handle kit added the distance from handle to handle can be adjusted from 8+3/4 inch to 10+1/4 inch (center to center measurement).

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