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The Nikon D780 brings many of the technological advancements in autofocus, live-view shooting and video performance from the Z series mirrorless cameras to a full-frame DSLR.  A true hybrid shooter, the D780 employs a full-frame BSI 24.5MP sensor to create still images with incredible detail and dynamic range as well as to produce UHD 4K video from the full sensor width.  Autofocus and metering enhancements as well as video output over HDMI options allow the D780 to excel in both video and still applications.   

Technical Specifications

 Dimensions 351mm(W) x 187mm(H) x 134mm(D)
Weight in air 3.2kg
Buoyancy in water
negative 0.2kg (incl. camera and battery)
Depth Rating 100m
Port Mount N120