Weefine Smart Housing With Sensor

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WFH05 Diving Supplies Smart housing With Depth Sensor
WFH05 Smart Housing is an universal smart phone housing which is compatible with most of smart phones on the market today, regardless of iOS or Android operating system. Simply ensure blue tooth is turned on in your device, connect to the smart housing APP and put the phone into the housing! Easily confirm the housing of scuba gear is protected by using the vacuum sealing system. Enjoy diving!

In other words ,Weefine Diving supplies WFH05 is a waterproof phone casing of diving equipment that is suitable for most smart phone as long as your phone is not bigger than the internal dimension :165mm (Length) x 85mm(Width)x9.5mm(Height) (max),waterproof phone casing will work.

Key Features:
•Depth Rated:80m/263ft
•Internal Dimension:165 x 85 x 9.5mm (max)
•Exteranl Dimension:203 x 104 x 61.5mm
•Built-in Vacuum System:yes
•Built-in Depth Sensor:yes