Weefine WED-7 PRO Monitor

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Underwater Monitor WED-7 PRO of Diving Equipment
Diving Equipment WED-7 PRO is a professional diving gear and high-definition monitor specially designed for underwater photographer .The housing is designed as the high-end and professional product with all-aluminum alloy.

Scuba Gear WED-7 PRO uses a full HD FHD display,plays for 4K HDMI input and output , and is configured with a variety of auxiliary tools,so that the photographer is more freely and with ease in shooting.

Diving gear WED-7 PRO is easy to be carried out and stored as its lightweight and portable design when you are going out or in use.At the same time,it would help photographers easily complete surveillance shooting and the creation of works.

Diving supplies WED-7 PRO is not a underwater housing but also a underwater monitor ,it is equipped with the standard M16&M24 HDMI plug adapter ,which will be more convenient in use.

Key Features:

•Snorkeling Gear WED-7 PRO is a 7-inch full HD screen with 1920 x 1200 resolution and 440 PPI pixel desity,as well as 500CD/㎡ high brightness and 1200:1 high contrast.

•Scuba equipment WED-7 PRO is up to 80m/263ft IP68 waterproof grade.It is a professional waterproofing design,full process technology and quality control ,as well as real simulation of various deep water conditions of pressure testing.