Weefine WF068 Smart Focus 1000

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Product description Weefine WF068 Smart Focus 1000

Dual focus (beam of video and flash) of small dimensions with 1000 lumens of power, 100º opening in the water and red light.
In such a small focus we have managed to incorporate continuous video light, flash option and red light, with these options any diver can achieve the best shots in their dives.
Perfect for recreational diving and a great tool for lovers of photography or underwater video.

White light adjustable in three intensities (100%, 50% and 25%) and red light adjustable in two intensities (100% and 50%).
The focus shows the state of charge by light beam that surrounds the on / off bonton of it.

The bulb lights up by pressing 2 seconds and turns off by pressing the on / off button for 3 seconds.
Pressing the on / off button for 2 seconds leaves the focus in flash mode waiting to receive a flash from the emitting source, when we enter that mode, it is shown by a blinking in the light that shows the state of charge of the focus.

With battery charge status indicator by color, this small but large focus gives 80 minutes at maximum power and 300 minutes in the flash function.


- Dual focus (video light and flash)
- 1000 lumens of real power in white light
- 6W of Red light
- 3400mAh lithium battery
- 80 Minutes of white light at full power
- 5500K white light
- 100º opening in the water
- Replacement o-rings
- Protection rings with different colors
- Manual
- Body made of aluminum and front with optical glass
- Battery level indicator on the button
- Weight in water: 260grs
- Measures: 132mm x 56mm
- Submersible up to 100 m

Includes YS adapter for arm, spare o-rings, battery, charger and user manual.