Zeagle Recon Fin

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• New tech-minded, performance-oriented design

• Strakes on top and bottom of blade increase thrust

Built to optimize the alternative fin strokes favored by technical divers, the Recon is constructed with natural rubber compounds placed in strategic spots to maximize blade rebound, flexibility and abrasion resistance. The foot pocket features bottom channels to ease entry, and the spring straps are adjustable up to 2 inches thanks to a simple but innovative buckle system.

  • Four strakes on the bottom of the fin, which minimize turbulence during flutter kicks, yet enhance thrust using different finning styles.
  • 25-degree angle between foot pocket and fin blade, to provide maximum thrust when flutter kicking, and enhanced stability with other fin kicks.
  • Enhanced side rails that provide improved flexibility and snapback.
  • Constructed form compression moulded natural rubber, with different suppleness and rigidity across various areas of the fin, to provide optimum performance.
  • Simple buckle system that can be adjusted by up to 2in/5cm.